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In Iceland, Deeptech is the only company which has specilized in provieding full subsea cable services.
Deeptech is Icelandic most innovative and resourceful commercial diving, personnel and R.O.V. supply company. It is our mission to meet our clients' needs by being dedicated to the highest standards of technical proficiency, marine safety, environmental awareness and professionalism.
We provide a range of services to the civil and offshore marine industries, including vessel maintenance, security inspections, pipeline and submarine cable lay support and protection, trenching, subsea construction, coded wet welding, marine salvage, shoreline and structure erosion control and protection.
Our diving capabilities include surface-supplied, air-mixed gas, and saturation diving services. All operations are managed and controlled from mobile control centres in trailers or containers, which can be moved quickly on-site or loaded on to a barge, support vessel, airplanes and cargoships to locations all over the world.
For inspections and ROV work, we own or have quick access to inspection-class ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), with digital video, sonar and manipulator. Acting as an agent, we can source work-class ROV systems. Other marine resources include tug, barge and crane services and work boats.
Deeptech also offers project management services. We work closely with project planners and engineers to incorporate standardized operating, monitoring and reporting procedures and to work out the logistics of project implementation. Our experience has given us a keen awareness of safety and environmental issues in a marine environment.
Deeptech is very much attuned to the rapidly evolving fields of ocean science and technology. Our mission is to offer the highest level of proficiency, service and support to our clients, as they pursue opportunities and deal with challenges encountered in a subsea environment.

We employ experienced, factory trained ROV pilots and data recorders with extensive offshore and inshore experience using observation class ROV systems.

Deeptech is the only ROV/Diving company in Iceland to provide our clients with high quality DVD reporting inspections. All of our video is recorded straight to DV to ensure no loss of resolution, and burned to DVD in a user friendly format. Other options include 5-8 megapixel still cameras taking exceptional quality stills in high resolution.
With a wide variety of options including still cameras, sonars, manipulators, and low light cameras, the Falcon can be configured to accommodate scientific projects otherwise deemed too expensive using larger ROV systems. This also allows smaller “vessels of opportunity” to be utilized in remote locations.

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