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Deeptech is based in Iceland and dedicated to the highest standards of technical proficiency, safety and professionalism. Build on 32 years of experience in the marine industry, including vessel maintenance and inspection, pipeline, cable laying support and investigation and salvage work.
Deeptech takes pride in its comprehensive approach to all projects. All aspects of operations are carefully assessed. This includes defining the scope and complexity of each job, identifying and assessing all significant factors such as technical issues, resource issues, staffing issues, cost issues, environmental issues and safety issues. The company is mindful of all such factors in preparing bids, negotiating contracts, overseeing operations, maintaining good client liaison and service and overall paying attention to detail. This extends to extensive use of underwater video, thorough documentation, record keeping and reporting of all significant information to clients.
Deeptech either owns or has quick access to the most technically advanced equipment for all aspects of diving and ROV (remotely operated vehicle) operations

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