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Deeptech provides a wide variety of ROV services for both the inshore, and offshore market, as well as the scientific community. For portability and rapid mobilization we offer small micro ROV’s which can flown into remote locations such as lakes and dams and be used in areas otherwise inaccessible or hazardous to divers ( see LBV & Minirover PDF).
Our larger more capable ROV system is available in two configurations, free swimming or Tether Management System (TMS) which allow greater control of the ROV in strong currents at depth . This ROV has been used extensively by Deeptechon both Coastlines in very harsh environments. ( see TMS and Free Flying pdf)
Some of the Applications we have completed in the last two years with this system include:

  • Offshore loading tanker hookup surveys
  • Offshore pipelines, and manifold surveys
  • Offshore mooring chain inspections
  • Sewage outfall surveys
  • Sonar surveys
  • High voltage power cable inspections
  • Cable lay support
  • Hydroelectric dams, inspection of grizzly screens
  • Internal inspections of tunnels ( option to inspect tunnels up to 1km in length)
  • Unexploded ordinance surveys
  • Contaminated seabed /lakebed surveys
  • Sunken vessel location and recovery
  • Underwater vehicle recovery
  • Underwater body recoveries
Scientific Applications:
  • Marine habitat and seabed surveys
  • Sampling
  • High quality photography using digital video and 5megapixel still cameras

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